River Runner Transducer Mount

We build them to the specifications you need!

  The River Runner transducer mount was a product of breaking 3 previous mounts. The concept was simple. It has to be able to raise and lower, It has to be tough and it has to be able to adapt to any fishing condition an angler may find themselves in. 

  The photo on the right is the PATENTED prototype us at JSP Outdoors have been running for over a year. We currently offer it in two models which are single and dual mounts. It has been fished in cold and warm climates and we have experienced ZERO failures. It can be raised and lowered and even flipped up during travel. It has a two screw mounting system and can be removed for easy stowage.

  We have had great results in Saltwater as well. It allows Saltwater anglers to raise their electronics out of the water which reduces the effect Saltwater has on accessories that would otherwise be left in the water.

  We feel this product meets every goal we wanted met. We spend a lot of time on the water and when you rely on your electronics to make a living you have to ensure they are protected and last. This is where the River Runner Transducer Mount excels.

* If you are interested in ordering a River Runner Transducer Mount send us an e-mail at jspoutdoors@yahoo.com or you can call us at 606-264-0027*

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